One of the leading dance Academies of Gujarat, Noopur Nritya Academy was established in 1981 by Smt. Smruti Paresh Vora. Since its inception the Academy has striven to promote the Rich Indian Culture through the teaching of Indian Classical dance and various folk dances of India. The Academy strongly believes in the Rich Indian Cultural values and dance traditions and aims to preserve them. In order to realise this prime goal, the Academy has produced various dance ballets such as Kalidas's Ritu Saunhar and Shrungarika based on Jaydev's Geet Govind which are choreographed in Classical dance style Kathak.

A full fledged training institute has also been established to impart methodical training in Kathak and to enable pupils to become familiar with the Indian dance traditions.

Apart from the training and performance aspects, Noopur Nirtya Academy with the establishment of Noopur Centre for Performing Arts have undertaken a unique venture of providing platform to the upcoming talents of India in the field of traditional and creative dance. Noopur Centre for Performing Arts organises three programmes annually and tries to encourage the talents by providing them a stage and a well versed audience.