Smruti Vora

Smruti vora, the spirit behind Noopur Nritya Academy is always in search of innovative ideas which combine the nuances of classical dance with the grandeur of theatre so as to vividly project our culture and its variety. She, belongs to a family of learned people, has the inherent insight in appreciating aesthetics. Also, she got a chance to closely observe the lifestyle of some of the legendary gurus like late Su.Shree Madhurita Sarang and late Smt. Rohini Bhate as their disciple.

Paresh Vora

Paresh Vora with his wide knowledge of and prowess in folk dance, is an ideal complement to Noopur Nritya Academy. The blend of classical dance with robust and invigorating folk dances brings a touch of down-to-earth realism, thereby making the performances immensely rewarding and entertaining. He, being born and brought up in Mumbai has had a chance to work under legendary film choreographers like Saroj Khan and late P.L Raj as a member of C.D.A - the Cine Dancer's Association. He has also keenly observed the working patterns of theatre legends like Sudarshan Dheer, Yogendra Desai and Sachin Shankar while working under them.